Corporate Philosophy

 1. Sustainable development, people-oriented, the implementation of human management: allow the company to become a warm family, all of a school;

     2. Customer first, service first, to instill the concept of service the customer is always right; cautiously and properly handle customer complaints;

     3. Continuing education and training, the use of external, internal training instructor system, outstanding professional staff appointment as a lecturer, and strive to improve staff skills;

     4. Quality is the life, enhance quality awareness, adherence to delivery, to enhance production efficiency;

     5. Technology first, make full use of new materials, new technologies, new processes, to provide users with the most complete product;

     6. For companies to reduce costs, reduce waste, improve performance and implement effective were given economic incentives;

     7. Pay linked to performance and uses the skills system so that abler, workers are little more;

     8. Strengthen team spirit, in St. Xin's family, under the leadership of general manager, unity, hard work, to create a more brilliant future prosperity of St. Xin!